Body Expression Workshop 

Holistic Therapy

Florence Crespi, director of Atelier BleuKaki, dancer, choreographer and certified movement therapist. (France)

She  provides services in various Healthcare institutions where she offers  holistic therapy workshops and individual sessions in psychocorporeal structuring, as well as choreographic workshops and free dance classes. She is a trainer in dance and movement analysis for professionals. Florence specializes in relationships between people. She can guide or support individuals , couples, families, parents, and children.

Revaluation of self-esteem through authentic movement

Bleukaki is a partner of Wellness Shines on LLC

Past events

Good news! Remember the fabulous Florence from Atelier Bleukaki, who led us in a dance workshop at Wellness Shines on the Green last year, well, she's back in Newburgh with full flo-ing force, offering workshops as well as private sessions before joining us at Wellness shines on the Green this year.

Start your week right with a Movement Expression workshop on Tuesday, May 9 2023 from 6:45pm to 8:00pm at 87 Liberty St. Newburgh

$20 Register HERE

Then, join us for our big event Wellness Shines on the Green on Saturday, May 13, from 10-3pm at Safe Harbors Green.

Times don't work for you? Want a more personalized therapeutic experience? Schedule your one-on-one therapeutic dance session with Florence between May 9 and May 12

$60 for 60 minutes 

An experience you will never forget. GO with the "FLO".

Contact Angela for more details and for private session.


In Flo’s group sessions, she mainly guides free movement among the group. 

While she also provides some individual attention in these sessions, we highly recommend registering for private sessions as well, where Flo will be able to focus on your specific needs, whether those are physical or emotional pain or trauma.  

Flo is gifted at helping you deepen your connection between mind and body, and releasing tension, locked energy or trauma-related pain.